There are a variety of reasons to learn another language. Here are 10 reasons why you should learn Spanish:

10. Students at Yongsan International School of Seoul are required to take two years of language study.

9. You can travel like a pro in Spain, Latin America, or other regions where Spanish is widely spoken.

8. If you learn Spanish, you will be bilingual (some of you may even be trilingual or more!), which will open lots of doors when choosing a career path.

7. Learning Spanish will increase your critical thinking as you’re training your brain to acquire skills in another language.

6. Spanish is similar to English. Hence the language acquisition process is not so challenging compared to other languages, and you will find yourself understanding more of the linguistic basis of English as well.

5. You can meet new friends. With nearly half a billion people who speak Spanish around the world, your chance to converse with someone will go up greatly through speaking Spanish.

4. Gain new cultural awareness. Language is very rich in culture, and it is important to be informed of and appreciate other cultures.

3. Learning Spanish will help you acquire more languages in the future.

2. You can impress your friends and sound good. Spanish is such a lovely language after all.

1. Learning Spanish is FUN! It’s especially fun when you can learn in Señorita Cedergren’s class. Lucky you!


This website will help you with everything you need to do well in class this year. Take some time to look around because we will be using this site frequently!


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