Here you will find La Tarea and any other files or resources from class that you might want to have or review. If you’re absent from class, this is the place to go to find out what work you need to make up.

This page will also be updated with any class announcements, so check in regularly to see what’s new!

Here’s a copy of the syllabus, in case you misplace yours and need to refer back to it at any point: Spanish 1 Syllabus


Clase 14: (19/02 – B, 20/02 – F)
In Class: Un repaso en grupos de Capítulos 1-5.
Tarea: Test corrections.
Clase 13: (17/02 – B, 18/02 – F)
Tarea: Descansen un rato (Rest a little bit.)
Clase 12: (13/02 – B, 14/02 – F)
In Class: PRUEBA (stem changers and estar + prepositions). Repaso para el examen:¡ZAP! Hablamos del Día de San Valentín.
Tarea: Study for your TEST next class!!
     -vocab: family, house, & chores
     -stem changing verbs
     -possessive adjectives
     -using “Hay”
     -estar + prepositions
     -tocar & parecer
     -nada, nadie, tampoco, nunca
Clase 11: (11/02 – B, 12/02 – F)
In Class: Presentaciones de “La Casa de mis Sueños.” Repaso de vocabulario, verbos, y preposiciones.
Tarea: Choose 8 prepositions. Write a sentence with each preposition (8 total) and draw a picture to illustrate each sentence. QUIZ next class: stem changers and estar + prepositions.
Clase 10: (-7/02 – B, 10/02 – F)
In Class: Negation words – nadie, nada, tampoco, y nunca. Un repaso de vocabulario y verbos.
Libro de texto: p. 176-177.
Tarea: Write 7 sentences to say 7 “quehaceres” you do for each day of the week AND how you feel about it. Ex: Lavo los platos los lunes. Me parece aburrido.
Clase 9: (05/02 – B, 06/02 – F)
In Class: verbos como gustar – Tocar y Parecer
libro de texto: p.178-179.
Tarea: Review of Possessive adjectives (half sheet). PROYECTO: due 10/02 – F, due 11/02* – B [*revised date, B]
Clase 8: (03/02 – B, 04/02 – F)
In Class: Proyecto: La casa de mis sueños project
Tarea: proyecto due 07/02 (B), 10/02 (F)
Clase 7: (28/01 – B, 29/01 – F)
In Class: PPT – Ser vs Estar and handout. Estar with prepositions.
El libro de texto: p.174-175.
Tarea: Estar with prepositions Worksheet
Clase 6: (24/01 – B, 27/01 – F)
In Class: Vocabulary: La Casa. PPT: Quehaceres
libro de texto: p.171-173.
Clase 5: (22/01 – B, 23/01 – F)
In Class: QUIZ – family vocabulary and possessive adjectives. Stem-changing verbs: PPT and Notes.
libro de texto: p. 164-167.
Tarea: Page 2 (HALF sheet) from in class notes handout.
Clase 4: (20/01 – B [NO CLASS], 21/01 – F)
In Class: Review – Los adjectivos. Practice with possessive pronouns – libro de texto: p. 162-163.
Tarea: QUIZ next class (family vocabulary and possessive adjectives) AND family tree project due.
Clase 3: (17/01 – B&F)
In Class: Proyecto – Family Tree Project
Tarea: Family Tree Project due 22/01 – B, 23/01 – F
Clase 2: (15/01-B, 16/01-F)
Clase 1: (13/01-B, 14/01-F)
In Class: begin unit 5: En casa con la familia – describe people and family relationships, talk about where you and others live, talk about your responsibilities.  PPT: La familia and La familia vocab
el libro de texto: p. 158-161.
Objetivos de la unidad: Describe people and family relationships. Talk about where you and others live. Talk about your responsibilities. Compare the composition and role of the family across cultures.
Tarea: Family relationships worksheet

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